Our Community

Diversity is the first word most people use to describe our Church community. We are also a small Church family. These two traits have allowed us to create a place where people learn about God and God's people in a unique way. We share stories and meals. We work together to help others. We talk about what is going on in the world and how our different backgrounds inform our opinions. In all of it, we seek God's guidance, and celebrate God's presence. 

While we are a small congregation, our reach is broad. In our community, we are known as a loud and trusted partner for social justice. As part of the United Church of Christ, we support and are supported by a national body of congregations with global reach. We are able to partner with sister congregations and ministry organizations as we respond to the needs we see in the world. From disaster response, to social justice concerns, to providing summer camp experiences, we see the power of God at work beyond our walls, and know that we are making a difference. 

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We are proud to be a United Church of Christ congregation. This symbol of our broader church includes a comma, reminding us that God is still speaking- continuing to guide us into new unknowns. The symbol also represents nature and our responsibility to care for all of creation. We believe that caring for creation includes the Earth and all God's people.