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CE Workshops

As an acronym, CE has traditionally been used by Churches in reference to Christian Education. That term is not inaccurate but often limiting in true scope of what we are exploring. Our congregation believes strongly in the relationship between faith and reason. If our heart and our head are both engaged on a topic, we are more likely to dive deeper and more fully embody what we discover. You are invited to explore these CE Workshops, knowing that they will provide reflections on Culture and Ethics, and Community Engagement . We hope they might also provide the time and space for a Christ Encounter. 

Each CE Workshop has three "phases" with Phase 1 and 3 being done on your own time. Phase 2 requires conversation.


If you are taking these workshops as part of Covina Community Church, you can set up a Phase 2 Conversation with one of the pastors, or those serving on Church Council. We will have some organized group conversations throughout the year that everyone is welcome to join. 

If you are taking these workshops for your own personal growth, or with an outside group, we encourage you to try and consider the following:

  • How diverse is your conversation group?

  • Who is missing from your conversation group?

  • Why are they missing?

The more diverse your group is(age, ethnicity, identity, and lived experience), the more you can all learn from each other. 

We invite you to share your Phase 3 reflections with our Church. We would love to hear how these sacred conversations have impacted your own faith journey.  You can email them to:

Click on a CE Workshop to begin and follow the directions on that page. 

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