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Welcome to Covina Community Church, a family of faith that welcomes and serves All God’s people! We are a small congregation, gathering weekly for worship, study and  fellowship. We are made up of people from different places, with different gifts and unique opinions. Our diversity is a blessing — we are thankful for our cultural diversity, gender and sexual identities, as well as the broad spectrum of ages and experience levels represented among us. Know that there is a warm welcome waiting for you at Covina Community Church!

If you have questions about our Churches beliefs, practices or mission, feel free to contact me before visiting. If you have been hurt by a Church in the past, and wondering if you can risk sharing your spiritual journey with a community, feel free to stop by and just spend some time by yourself, on your own terms. Our court yard is a wonderful place to stop and pray or share a good conversation. If you are insecure about your past, or how the world has defined you, understand that we are a community of grace rather than judgment!

We believe in unconditional love, a gift from our Creator and exemplified in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God’s Spirit guides us as we explore and respond to God’s call in each of our lives. While each of us has our own path and our own relationship with God, we know that we are stronger together and grow closest to God as a community than we could alone. Maybe you are the missing voice at our table, and maybe we are the missing partner on your journey. We believe that GOD IS STILL SPEAKING, Come visit and we will listen for God together.

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