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In honor of those we have known as mothers and fathers, we offer micro-loans to support those caring for their own families.


Through KIVA.ORG, we choose one mother and one father from another country and offer an interest free loan to help them expand their family business. The loan is repaid through the year, and then re-loaned to another honoree the next year. Money we would have spent on trinkets to recognize parents on Mother's Day and Father's Day is added to the new loans, along with any special gifts that have been given for the project. 

The pictures and bios of our honorees are shared on Mother's Day and Father's Day, then posted so we can keep them in our prayers for the year to come. You are invited to join us in praying for these honorees, and all are welcome to help expand the amount of our annual loans.

You can learn more by visiting

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Anasaini (43) lives in a seaside village in Fiji with her 4 children. She has become well-versed in marketing skills. With her current situation, the supply of fresh vegetables has weakened. Instead, Anasaini has turned to selling freshwater fish and mussels. With steady demand in the market for seafood, Anasaini knows that fishing is a reliable source of income. She seeks a loan to buy new gear, including fishing and crabbing net. She is sure this equipment will help put her time and talent to good use.


Nathan, is a father of five children. He is a farmer, selling both cattle and agri-produce in Kamwenge, on the western side of Uganda. He started these businesses 15 years ago, to provide for his family. His personal dream is to educate his children up to university level, as well as to own a bigger agri-produce store. He is challenged by the poor road networks that are impassable during the rainy season. 

Uganda is located in central Africa, between D.R. Congo, S. Sudan, Tanzania, and Kenya.

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