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Bible Study

The Bible is a collection of writings from across the ages that can be inspiring to some and scary to others. Over the years, people have quoted scriptures to encourage or comfort but also to judge or condemn. The Bible was created to preserve and pass on stories of hope and practices that reflect the unconditional love and grace of God. Collecting, writing, copying, and sharing these texts was not easy and creates some challenges for understanding. Most of the Bible was oral tradition for thousands of years before anything was written down. Once it was written, much of  it was in fragments. Eventually scrolls and pieces of parchment that held sacred stories and wisdom found their way into hundreds of languages and today can be found in digital form at the click of a button. These resources can help you learn where the Bible came from, and explore these amazing stories. 

Study slides on how the Bible came to be
Creative Telling of some Favorite Stories
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