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The Bible teaches us about hospitality in ways that are foreign to our modern world. The Hebrew people were committed to offering hospitality to travelers. They provided food, water, shelter, and protection.

This was done for two reasons:

     1.) They were once aliens in a strange land.

     2.) It was the right thing to do!

Immigration and Refugees

Our nation’s history of immigration begins with colonization. After that, people came for countless reasons. Religious freedom, a second chance, escaping war, and the “promise of a better life” all led people to our nation. As a people of faith, we cannot ignore our history, or our scriptures. In a time of famine, Jacob’s family found their way to Egypt as refugees, looking for food. Under the threat of death due to political unrest, Jesus’ family traveled to Egypt as refugees. Today, people face great injustices and are looking to us for support. We cannot turn a blind eye to their need and be faithful to the scriptures. This means we must care about what happens around the world, and we must care about the people that are displaced by horrors that we can’t imagine.

Covina Community Church is a diverse community, welcoming people of all cultures with open arms.

Covina Community Church is a safe place, offering hospitality and support without fear or condemnation.

For those seeking resources, guidance or advice with immigration or refugee issues, we offer the following resources:

Contact Information for Immigration Services in our geographic area:

Los Angeles Office (District 23)

300 North Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

*Appointment necessary for visiting the office, including legal counsel.

     District Director: Susan M. Curda

     Field Office Director: Nancy J. Alby

Help Line: 800-375-5283

*Nationwide number, much of which is automated.

*Open 8am – 8pm in all time-zones.

California Service Center E-Mail


*Intended for use if no follow-up after 20 days on national help-line

Printable information cards and resources to post:

Printable wallet size info card

Right click to "save as"

on your computer,

then print

Detail Version

          *Wallet Card


"Know Your Rights" flyers



To Post in Work Place:

          *Advice for Locations Fearing a Raid


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