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What to Expect

We hope these basic details about our church will help you to feel comfortable and at home when you visit us:

Sunday Schedule

     Sunday Worship     10 AM         In person and on Zoom
     Refreshments         11:15 AM


There is no dress code at our church because we believe it does not matter to God what you wear to worship.

Most dress casually, but as long as you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, you are welcome here.


We are an intergenerational community. While we have a nursery for families to use for some quiet time or a quick change, Children are included in every aspect of our Church life. We print special bulletins and provide activity bags for children in worship. Crying, laughing, coughing, fidgeting, and general restlessness are welcome from all ages! 


We celebrate Communion on the First and Third Sundays, when we welcome all worshipers to the Table of the Lord. We are currently using individually wrapped serving cups with a bread wafer attached.  There is no test. There is no screening process. The invitation is from God and all are welcome. 


Following worship each Sunday, we invite visitors to join us for refreshments in our Fellowship Hall.

This will continue to be adapted and sometimes suspended as we navigate the impact of Covid-19.


Our church has ample parking and is accessible for persons with mobility concerns. Handicap parking is readily available. The sanctuary and other rooms of the church are easily accessible to persons with special needs. 


Good luck with that! We are a small Church with great hospitality. People will want to meet you and be excited to welcome you to worship. You don't have to stay for lunch, but you will be invited. You don't have to share too much with others, but they will be excited to welcome you. 

Thursday Conversations (7:00 PM)

We have moved our Bible Studies to Zoom on Thursday nights. We use the same Zoom link as our worship service and you can access it from the front page of our website. Our studies are conversational, knowing that God speaks through us all and the more we listen to each other, the more we will learn and grow. 

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