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Inside-Out Art Project

Originally sponsored by UrbanMission Community Partners, Inside-Out connected artists who experienced incarceration to share their work with a broader audience. Through such sharing, artists find purpose and renew their passion while those who get to experience their art are offered a new lens into the life of those too often ignored. Many of these works were featured in public galleries with proceeds from pieces sold supporting the healing work that inspired them. With permission from those artists, we are blessed to share them in a variety of ways.


Jorge Luna

Oscar "Angel" Romero

Brett Radabaugh

Luis Valencia

Armando Martinez

Albert Mondragon

Ezequiel Gonzalez Lemus

Timothy Vergason

Arnulfo Vargas

Jose Soto

Aaron Adam Arroyo

Rigoberto Gonzalez

Albert Ortega

Sal Raymond Martinez

Matthew A.L. Murry

David Leonardo


Hosting an Art Show

Churches and local nonprofits are invited to host their own "Imagine Justice" art show. This can be an advocacy project for the community, a faith formation event, or part of a larger festival or celebration.

For more information on how to host a show, contact

Rev. Lee Yates at

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