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How We DO Things

There is no warm fuzzy or welcoming word for organizational governance, yet it is a vital part of getting stuff done, being a community, and making sure everyone feels safe and appreciated. We have put a lot of thought into how we operate and how we respond when problems arise. We hope the way we do things will make you feel more comfortable being a part of all we do.

As a "Congregational" Church, we make our own decisions. We make decisions on who serves as our minister and who we call as leaders. We write our own bylaws and make our own covenants. One of those choices is to be part of the United Church of Christ. That means we work with other congregations, like ours, but we are all autonomous. 


Updated in 2022

We rewrote our bylaws to make sure everyone has a voice and that the things we value as a community are part of everything we do and how we do it. 


Flow Chart

This document provides a visual of how all the pieces of our Church fit togher. We want everyone to know how decisions are made and how they can be heard.

Conflict Resolution

Updated in 2022

Restorative Justice practices are not just for the outside world. If we have conflicts or issues we can't resolve, this is how we go about discerning what to do. 

This document provides a visual of the "Circle Process" we use for handling conflict or difficult decisions. Sometimes its easier to see it while you read it. 

Calling a Minister

Updated in 2022

This is a process we don't like to use very often, but when we do, this is how we do it. 

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