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October 27, 2019

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10:00 am  Worship in the Sanctuary

11:00 am  Lunch in Fellowship Hall and Grounds

                   Music in Sanctuary

                   Exhibit Tables Open

12:30 pm  Workshops: Session 1

1:45   pm  Workshops: Session 2

3:00   pm  Go tell others about your great day!


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* Understanding Gender Identity 

Summer Gomez of the Penny Lane Center will explore the letters of the non-gender conforming alphabet, and talk about gender expression , identity, and attraction. Bring your questions for an open conversation about the various spectrums of expressions that make up the pride movement.

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* Intersectionality of Race and Gender Identity

Rev. Clemette Haskins of "The Haven" Church will facilitate a panel discussion on the unique challenges of exploring gender identity within various ethnic communities. The panel will then field questions from those who have been listening. 

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*History and Future of the Pride Movement

Lucia Napolez will explore the history of the Pride movement, explore some of the tensions within the movement today, and invite participants to share their dreams of where the movement will take us next. 

*Mental Health and Spiritual Abuse

Dr. Mica Steward of the Relationship Repair and Care Clinic hosts a panel of experts to talk about the connection between abusive theology and mental health. After the participants share, they will invite questions and sharing from the participants. 

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Other Exhibitors:

SGV Pride Center

Heritage Clinic

Planned Parenthood


The National Council on Alcoholism

      and Drug Dependence

The Haven Church

Planned Parenthood, SVG

LA County, Dept. Public Health

LA County, Dept. Mental Health

The FIGHT Magazine

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