Egg Hunt 2020

Welcome to our Virtual Egg Hunt!  Here are your directions:

Step 1: Explore our Website, searching for eggs.
Step 2: Click on eggs as you find them.
Step 3: Post your success on social media.
     * Screen shots of eggs are fun but not necessary
     * Tag your progress with #VirtualEggs2020  and #RainbowChurch
     *  1-10 eggs     =    #EggHunter
         10-40 eggs   =    #Eggtective (There are only 20 eggs on this website)
         50+ eggs      =    #Eggspert
Step 4: Find other eggs by hunting on other sites.
     *Visit for a list of other places to hunt.

These are the eggs you will be hunting for:

Story Eggs

Eggs with a "Story" image on them will lead you to a video. 

Some will be the traditional stories of Jesus' journey to Jerusalem.

Word Eggs

These are eggs decorated with large text of a word.

Each has a question about that word to reflect on with a friend. 

Activity Eggs

These look like simple eggs but will open up fun activity sheets.

You can print them out or follow the link to online fun. 

Scripture Eggs

These eggs will open up to share a scripture reading.

These verses will tell the Easter story.