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Ribbons of Rememberance

Over 610,000 Americans and 64,000 Californians have died from Covid-19, and many were not grieved in a way that allowed closer for family and friends. We offered this symbolic opportunity as a response to grief and other powerful emotions, and were thankful that this memorial space stood as a visual reminder to others that they were not alone in their pain. 

Over the next few months, the memorial space will transition from individual ribbons, to a permanent plaque, marking a space beneath the large cross facing the Badillo street fence line. All the ribbons will be collected and stored beneath the cross as a way to remind us of what was lost and how God continues to carry us through difficult times. 

Anyone wanting to add a ribbon, or collect a ribbon they placed should do so by August 15th, 2021 to insure the ribbons are still accessible. 

We give thanks to Emanate Hospice and other community partners and communicators who helped us create and share this experience.

Placing a Ribbon

  1. Write a name or message on a ribbon

  2. Tie it (or we can) on the fence

  3. Pause for a moment of silence

Purple Ribbon.png
Green Ribbon.png

Please do not:

Add extra items to fence

Move or take down other ribbons

1551 E. Old Badillo Street
Fence Line.png

"Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted" - Matthew 5:4

Our Courtyard is open 24/7 for people to take time for quiet or reflection.

We will continue to provide paper and pens for those wanting to write more.

Other prayers and resources for reflection will also be provided.


Space to Reflect

Seeking Something More

You can always reach out to our pastor with an email on this website.

We would be happy to recommend a counselor or grief support group.

Remember that emotions are powerful and need to be shared.

Don't be ashamed of how you feel, but risk sharing to find support.

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