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Celebrating Lent

Lent is a time of preparation, leading us to Easter. There are lots of ways to practice this tradition. Many will "give up" something for Lent, like chocolate, or sodas - maybe even a bad habit they want to try ending. Many will "take on" something for Lent, like a daily prayer, or donating something each day - maybe practice a new habit they would like to incorporate into their life.  However you participate in the season of Lent, we pray it will bring an awareness of God in your life and lead you to a deeper understanding of Easter. 

This year, we are focusing on the Healing Journey of trauma recovery. Trauma is something we all experience on some level.


Thursday Night Healing Journey    7 PM on Zoom 

Join us for a workshop where you can learn more about trauma, its impact on people and communities, and reflect on your own experience. This event is only on Zoom, and is open to the community. You can register by clicking the button below. 

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Did you Know?

Churches use purple in their worship space twice a year to show they are getting ready for something: Lent (Easter) and Advent (Christmas). 

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