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We support our local schools. Badillo Elementary is part of the Charter Oak Unified School District and has no affiliation with our Church. They are our neighbor, and they are children. That is all the reason we need. Schools never seem to have the funding they need and many children in our district come from families that can not afford all the supplies necessary. We can not fix the system, but we can pitch in. 

Paper and Supplies

School supplies are not cheap, and some children don't have all they need.


Budgets keep getting cut for schools. Teachers are often buying paper and school supplies out of their own pockets. We have to step up and fill the gaps. Our children need the basics to help them learn. Maybe if we do a little more, we will raise a generation of leaders that won't cut education spending. 

Donation Center

We offer a donation drop off box that is available in our parking lot 24 hours  day. Simply place donations in the slot, and we will deliver.

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