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Trauma Informed Care Community

Trauma might be best defined as:

A state of being caused by change, either sudden or prolonged, that leaves you living in a new reality that you did not chose. 

Trauma will include:

  • Physiological and emotional responses in our body. 

  • A process of seeking an explanation and giving meaning to the experience. 

  • Continued processing and honing of our personal story or narrative about the event.

  • Imagining how to avoid or protect from such future events.

Trauma is complicated by:

  • Not dealing with the physical trauma energy or repressing our emotions.

  • Obsessing on blame and not seeking a deeper understanding.

  • Dehumanizing ourselves or others as we place blame or justify our own hurtful behaviors. 

Our hurts can be addressed through many spiritual and relational and self care practices:

  • Exercise

  • Sharing our honest emotions

  • Journaling and reflecting

  • Practicing empathy

  • Offering grace to ourselves and others

  • Risking vulnerability and building relationships

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Sermon on Trauma Informed Self Care

Exploring and Understanding PTSD


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